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Resultat d'imatges de RODDY JACKSON

George Rodrick "Roddy" Jackson (born April 9, 1942) is an American rockabilly and rock and roll singer, songwriter, pianist and saxophonist, who recorded for Specialty Records in the 1950s.

Roddy Jackson was born in Fresno, California, moving to Merced as a child. His father was a singer and pianist who toured with The Sons of the Pioneers. Jackson learned to play drums and piano, forming his first group, The Dreamers, when aged 12 in 1954, and began performing on radio station KYOS. He also learned to play clarinet, trumpet and trombone, but concentrated on the alto saxophone and later tenor sax.

In 1956, after becoming influenced by Fats Domino and Little Richard, he formed a new multi-racial rock and roll band, the Blue Notes, from among his friends at high school. They quickly became popular around Merced, and were mentored by local fire chief George Coolures, who helped win them an audition at Specialty Records with the label's A&R man, Sonny Bono.[3] Bono convinced label owner Art Rupe to sign Jackson as a solo artist, but not the rest of the Blue Notes.The Blue Notes continued to perform with Jackson for a while, but did not play on his records. After Jackson left the band, Coolures replaced him on stage, and, renamed as the Merced Blue Notes, they remained a popular live act in the area into the 1960s.

Specialty years
Jackson's first session as a solo singer was in December 1957, when he recorded Sonny Bono's composition "I've Got My Sights on Someone New" with a band comprising René Hall (guitar), Red Callender (bass), and Earl Palmer (drums). Backed by "Love at First Sight", the record became a regional hit, and Decca Records tried to buy out his recording contract, but Rupe refused and also turned down an offer for Jackson to appear on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Jackson returned to the studio in September 1958 to record his second single, "Hiccups", a novelty song written by studio pianist Al Hazan (who later featured on the hit "Nut Rocker" credited to B. Bumble and the Stingers) and produced, like his other records, by Bono. However, the record failed to chart, a fate also suffered by his third Specialty single, "Any Old Town" / "Gloria", recorded in March 1959 with Hall, Palmer, and saxophonist Lee Allen.

According to writer Steve Leggett, "Jackson was the real deal, an exciting performer who shouted out his material with explosive force, pummelling the piano like it was a personal threat to his well-being, and occasionally showing off his considerable saxophone skills as well."[5] Jackson also wrote songs, co-writing Larry Williams' "She Said Yeah" with Sonny Bono, who used the pseudonym Don Christy; the song was later recorded by The Rolling Stones, The Animals and others.

Later years
Jackson did not record in later years, but continued to make occasional local performances. He re-emerged more publicly in the 1990s, and started making regular festival appearances in Britain, France and elsewhere. A compilation album, Central Valley Fireball, comprising his Specialty singles together with unreleased recordings, was issued by Ace Records in 2007.

Resultat d'imatges de RODDY JACKSON

The Central Valley was ground zero for Californian rock'n'roll back in the mid-1950s, populated by a swathe of culturally disenfranchised teens primed for action. When Roddy and his band the Blue Notes came bursting out of the town of Merced in 1956, they burned a path that folks are still talking about today, half a century later. A blonde-headed wildman with a hamburger-throated voice to match, Jackson was also, unusually for the era, an accomplished writer and player, but what is most different about his musical background is its integrated, multi-racial flavour. The Blue Notes were a unique mix of black, Hispanic and Caucasian who came together at Merced High, bound purely by their love of music. They were also fortunate to have the support of the avuncular George Coolures, Fire Chief of Merced, as documented on the unmissable Ace compilation "Get Your Kicks On Route 99" (CDCHD 1026).
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                Resultat d'imatges de RODDY JACKSON


Resultat d'imatges de jerry byrne

Gerard Donald "Jerry" Byrne (February 2, 1941 – April 7, 2010) was an American rock and roll singer from New Orleans, best known for his 1958 single "Lights Out".

The son of Charles and Mayme Byrne, he was born and raised in the Irish quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, and, like his cousin Mac Rebennack (later known as Dr. John), became strongly influenced by African-American rhythm and blues. He sang with Rebennack's band, the Loafers, who began performing in local bars and nightclubs. On one occasion in 1957, Byrne joined in with his hero Little Richard on stage in Slidell, Louisiana, and impressed Harold Battiste, then A&R man at Specialty Records, who signed him up soon afterwards to record.

In February 1958, Byrne recorded the song "Lights Out" – a "blistering rocker"written by Rebennack with his friend Seth David – at Cosimo Matassa's studio, with a band that included Edgar Blanchard (guitar), Frank Fields (bass), Art Neville (piano), and Charles "Hungry" Williams (drums). Harold Battiste played saxophone and produced the session. Released on the Specialty label, the record became a regional hit but failed to make the national charts. Nevertheless, Specialty released two further singles by Byrne, "You Know I Love You So" and, in 1959, "Carry On", but neither were successful. Byrne also recorded a novelty tribute record to a local TV personality, as "Morgus and the Three Moguls" with Rebennack and Frankie Ford. In 1960, he, Rebennack and Ford joined forces with Huey "Piano" Smith, collectively credited for contractual reasons as the Cheerleaders, to record "Chinese Bandits", in support of the local football team.

Byrne continued to perform and tour in the region until the mid-1960s, when he gave up his musical career, settled in Morgan City, Louisiana, and started work in the marine supplies business, setting up Byrne Rentals & Sales.In 1987, he was invited to perform in England, and he recorded a new single. "I'm from the South".

Byrne died in Morgan City in 2010, aged 69, from lung cancer. "Lights Out" has been reissued several times, and is included on several rock and roll compilations.





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Resultat d'imatges de andy lee lang

Lamentablemente nos tenemos que limitar a ofreceros la biografía de ANDY LEE LAND., traducida literalmente  por el Google Translate directamente del alemán. Toda la información acerca del pianista aparece en alemán , inclusive su web site ....... (la inmensa mayoría de artistas tienen su idioma y además el inglés ... ) lo cual consideramos más lógico. En fin como aquí de lo que se trata y lo que nos interesa es su música ,  os dejamos con unos videos para que veáis su forma de tocar  donde percibimos  clarísimamente sus influencias  . Excelente pianista , llegó a tocar con el mismisimo Jerry Lee Lewis, al cual supongo le pidió prestado su " Lee ... " y con otros músicos de la talla del recientemente desaparecido Chuck Berry ú otro de los grandes como  Fats Domino.  

Andy Lee Lang, nacido Andreas Lang (* 26 de julio de 1965 en Viena ) es un austríaco , músico de rock and roll . El llamado embajador del rock and roll ha tocado entre otros con , Jerry Lee Lewis , Chuck Berry , George Harrison y Fats Domino . El 2 de julio de 2010, celebró su aniversario en los escenarios de mas  de 25 años.

En 1985, Lang, que tomó lecciones de piano clásico cuando tenía  10 años , formó  su primera banda, de rock and roll Counsil . La banda tuvo sus primeros conciertos en clubes de fútbol y el HAK . El reparto constaba de cuatro hombres, siguió el modelo de Jerry Lee Lewis . En 1988, una nueva banda con cinco componentes  A menudo aparecieron en el local de Viena Papas tapas- sucesivamente. Primeras apariciones de radio y televisión  se fueron sucediendo paulatinamente  . En 1990 una nueva formación de la banda con cinco hombres y una mujer. Este año, el primer CD, con Rock'n Roll una mezcla de , R & R -classics y composiciones originales.

1991 fue el nuevo inicio laborioso con una banda de seis hombres - "NIGHT FALCONS ". Aparece el segundo CD "Rockin 'Piano Man". La composición original "Tren de Texas" se toca incluso  en algunos estados de Estados Unidos en la radio. Actuaciones con Rocco Granata , Percy Sledge y Big Jay McNeely siguen. 1992 es Jerry Lee Lewis concierto en Viena Austria Center . A medida que el acto de apertura se produce Andy Lee Lang. Chuck Berry contrató a Andy para su gira europea, tocando el piano Andy.

1993 Lang  aparece en los conciertos con Jerry Lee Lewis .  Lewis enfermo. Por lo tanto, el tiempo juega en Zurich (con el legendario guitarrista de Elvis James Burton ) y el Wiener Stadthalle Jerry.  ,a los que siguen  Conciertos en Marruecos, Alemania, Francia, Suiza, Eslovaquia y Estados Unidos (Los Ángeles y Las Vegas) traerlo el apodo de "El embajador de Austria del rock 'n' roll". Las siguientes son comunes con los de Bill Haley Cometas Originales, Wanda Jackson , Carl Perkins , Fats Domino experiencia internacional.

En 1995, se formó una nueva banda mayor. Para Lang es "The Spirit" formado. Con motivo del 10 aniversario etapa de un CD en vivo y un video producido. Lang juega un doble concierto "Rockin 'Christmas" con Jerry Lee Lewis en el Stadthalle de Viena, y hace una aparición con Chuck Berry y Bo Diddley en el Jazz Fest Wien. 1996 Lang juega en 240 conciertos en vivo, muchos de ellos con estrellas internacionales. Largo recibe de los Estados Unidos, los premios "clave del éxito", "Premio Mundial a la Trayectoria" y "El disco de platino por el rendimiento execptional".

1997 Encomendar a los Estados Etapas Viena Lang con el testigo y el papel principal en el musical "Elvis siempre". 1998 Largo moderó los "viejos muestran" en una de las nuevas estaciones de radio privadas. Al Festival de la Isla del Danubio de Viena se trata de la aparición conjunta con los prácticos de costa . grabaciones de estudio con Buddy Knox , DJ Fontana y The Coasters preparar el CD "Juntos". Andy celebra exitosos conciertos en España, Portugal, Francia y Finlandia.

1999, un nuevo proyecto nació: "La mecedora Tres". Andy Lee Lang, Mat Schuh y Dennis Jale ocurren al mismo tiempo. En el musical tienda de los horrores Andy Lee Lang de la planta carnívora "Audrey Dos" presta su voz. Actuaciones en Egipto, Holanda, Italia y Croacia aumentan su popularidad internacional. aparece el tan esperado por los fans décimo CD "Greatest Hits Live". Andy Lee Lang también da un concierto en Shanghai.

La Viena metropolitana comprometido Lang en 2000 para el musical "Be-Bop A flaco '59". Basado en una idea de Günter Brödl un musical sobre el rock and roll, la carrera y la intriga se produce. Además de acción prolongada Günther Mokesch , Mat Schuh , Pia Baresch entre otros, con el acompañamiento musical por el Espíritu. Más de 25.000 personas visitan la muestra 59. En agosto de 2000, Lang ha invitado por Billy Swan para Elvis Día Memorial a Memphis Tennessee. Lang lleva a cabo con los músicos originales de Elvis DJ Fontana y Scotty Moore , así como con Billy Swan sucesivamente. En el otoño de 2000, Lang va a celebrar su decimoquinto aniversario en el escenario en Viena. El año 2000 es el año con el mayor número de apariciones para Andy Lee Lang y el Espíritu. Además, a largo obtenido de Cambridge a premio "2000 músicos destacados del siglo-20 Realización y la composición" y por lo tanto está en esta categoría junto a Falco y Joe Zawinul uno de los tres austriacos, que es excelente.

En la Navidad de 2005, poco después de celebrar su 20 aniversario plazo, a través del país sufrió una quemadura . En mayo de 2008 celebró su reaparición después de dos etapas y un descanso de medio año. 2010 Lang juega en el musical "Go West" The Burnt austro Rocker Gogo, que después de un alma de retorno desastrosa como Buffalo Bill encuentra a sí mismo.

Resultat d'imatges de andy lee lang





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CHUCK BERRY In Memoriam. ..............

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Resultat d'imatges de chuck berry

    KEEP ON ROCKIN'  Master  !!
 18 d'octubre de 1926 – 18 de març de 2017